Sunday, March 14, 2010

weight loss update...only 2 months later...

So I have lost exactly 0 pounds since my last post...I have also gained exactly 0 pounds so I guess that makes it a little more ok.  I have been watching what I eat but not very closely (today I had strawberry rubarb pie for pi day and cookie dough ice cream) :)  I need a more structured plan if I'm going to do this.  I've been going to the gym but no results are really comming from just walking on the treadmill 3-5 days a week and doing yoga on my wii fit.  Glamour magazine has a 12 week program on their website ( that sounds good.  The first week is a sort of clense but not in the lemon water with hot pepper way then from there you introduce more and more of your old foods.  They also give you a specific stregnth workout for the week and a pattern for rotating the stregnth training with your cardio.  I'm exicted I think I should be able to follow this fairly well.  Hopefully having set guidelines to follow will keep me on board.  It's not like I have a strict menu to follow but I will have to plan out my meals in advance which I'm completly ok with.

Wish me luck!

FYI--For now my blog is going to stay the same, however since hubby might not be able to go Nuke I might as well introduce myself for real  My name is Shanon (if my twitter name didn't give that away) and I am going to use it instead of nuclear wife from here on out.  My blog name/design may change in the future depending on what direction hubby and the navy choose to head but for now I figure why bother.

Night night all, I'm off to bed!

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Anonymous said...

Well yay for not gaining lol! :) Good luck on that Glamour work out.