Saturday, March 13, 2010


Ok blog-O-sphere. Hubbys recruiter is afraide his age waiver for Nuke won't go through apparently they've had a couple declined recently. We are trying to get info about some of his different options one that sounds good is intelligence he's looking at the linguist category online right now earlier he was looking at IS? He read the offshore rotation schedule and it sounded like 36 months on a boat 36 home? Could anyone shed some light on the wifely life of any jobs similar to these?

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Sespi said...

I can't tell you much about IS, but if you email me, I'll ask my husband and get back to you. I can tell you about linguist though. As a CTI, he would spend about 63 weeks in Monterey, CA, learning a foreign language and you would be able to accompany him there. Monterey is gorgeous.

Afterward, he would be stationed depending on his language in Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, or San Antonio. The biggest bonus for the wifely life of a linguist is that you can spend a lot of his career in one location, which means you can establish your own job.

As a linguist, he will either be direct support or shore duty. If he's shore duty, he can spend his whole career without deploying, but he'll work some crazy hours. He may be asked to do an IA, which would send him on an overseas deployment for around a year. If he's direct support, he will deploy frequently for varying amounts of time to support ships/ subs/ squadrons.

I hope that was what you were looking for... feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or anything!

P.S. I've been reading your blog for awhile and just decided to stop lurking :)