Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I mentioned yesterday that I am currently working on writing the bible.

The inspiration for this task came from my cousin and her husband.   They are currently working on writing the bible with their daughter as part of their home schooling program.  I thought the idea sounded amazing and wanted to join in the fun!   What a better way to really absorb the word of God than to write it as you read?

There are countless studies about taking notes with a pen and paper verses a lap top and study methods where you simply rewrite your notes.  So I figured the same must be true with the bible as well!

I started the project a few months ago and quickly lost my steam.   But my husband and I are currently going through the process of being confirmed in the Catholic Church (another story for another time) and I thought that I would take advantage of this chance to start fresh using one of the translations approved by the Roman Catholic Church rather than my trusty, falling apart, NIV study bible.

I am actually really excited about this and am kind of geeking out.  I am committing 15 minutes per day to the project and if I miss a day it's not a big deal, I will simply make up the time the following day.  I am holding myself accountable and making sure my cumulative time for a week is at least 1:45 so that I don't get too far behind and decide to do something crazy like spend 6 hours in one day making up for 3 lost months.

Wish me luck!

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