Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Do all the things days 2 & 3

Yesterday got away from me and I forgot to update this morning so today's post will review my day yesterday and my day today and how I've faired in keeping up with my goals for the new year.  

Yesterday - Out of bed around 7:30 AM
Spent a couple of hours working in the kitchen.  Cooked meatballs for dinner for Monday & Tuesday Night and prepared a meatloaf that is now ready to throw in the oven for dinner Thursday & Friday.
Had leftovers for lunch around noon(ish)
Spent some quality time with my deal sweet husband
Did a 24 minute workout
Wrote a blog post
Spent about an hour researching community issues for the Junior League community impact development committee.
Then after dinner I took a quick shower and headed to a friends house to watch the Bachelor premier around 7:00.
You will notice I completely spaced and failed to make time for my daily bible writing (have I mentioned my daily devotional is including writing the bible for 15 minutes per day?) Don't worry I made it up today!

Since I was out late last night (Yes, 10:30 is late!) I turned off my work out alarm and decided to enjoy the extra hour of sleep.   Despite that I was out the door and headed to work at 7:00.  I took a 15 minute lunch break and somehow miraculously made it out of the office around 5:15, getting home just before 6:00.
At 6:15 I headed back out the door for a 30 minute run(ish) and rewarded myself when I got home with my yummy turkey meatball leftovers from last night and a popsicle made from Advocare Rehydrate (Key Lime Cherry YUMMY!!!)
From 7:00 - 8:00 I watched a couple of videos about human trafficking for my Junior League project and drafted a few member education Facebook posts to be uploaded later this week.  
From 8:00-8:30 I worked on my bible writing
at 8:30 I sat down to type this blog post and as soon as I am done I will be heading upstairs for a shower and to get my clothes laid out for tomorrow.
Assuming there is time after my shower I will probably spend 15-20 minutes working on embroidering the blanket I am making for my dear sweet nephew who was born over our Christmas vacation.   I have it about 75% complete but still have a few letter blocks left to finish before I bind the quilt and get to break out the new sewing machine my mom generously bought me for Christmas. I promise to upload a picture when I get it complete my hope is to have it done and in the mail to my sister in law before Valentines Day.

My plans for the rest of the week look a lot like my day today, only with possible longer work days (hopefully I stay as productive as I was today!) and rotating in a couple of hours finishing up the kitchen (all that is left is my spice cabinet and under the sink) in place of my Junior League work.

I hope to move to the next room on the A Bowl Full of Lemons Home Organization Challenge on Saturday.   Which is the dining room.  Ours is in pretty good shape but I know our "bar" area needs a good going through and my china cabinet would benefit from being wiped down so I anticipate being able to finish it this weekend easily which will put me two weeks ahead (thank God, because I'm going to need it if I'm going to be able to tackle our master closets!!!)

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