Monday, January 2, 2017

Do all the things - day 1

As promised here is my recap of how I spent my day yesterday.  Not going to lie--I got a migraine at the New Years Eve shin-dig and barely made it to midnight, by the time we got home I had to take real pain meds so we did sleep in and skip Mass.   It was a necessary thing though as I was beyond in pain and still had a pretty bad migraine when I woke up, though the nausea and dizziness had passed by morning.

10AM- out of bed, took migraine medicine, drank about 16 ounces of h2o and started my day
Made breakfast (grilled cheese!)
Started the corned beef cooking for our afternoon meal

11AM (ish)
Started A Bowl Full of Lemons Home Organization Challenge (yes a week early, that's how you get shit done, you do them when you have time off of work)
I started on the Kitchen and when Hubby saw what I was doing he attacked our pantry.   The pantry is now 100% complete and I have 4 cabinets left in the kitchen that I will be completing today.

2PM (ish)
Ate corned beef (YUMMY!!!) and did meal prep for the week.   Put together grocery list

Went grocery shopping

6PM (ish)
Headache was starting to ramp back up so I decided to call it a day on the Kitchen
Got home from grocery store, put away groceries, finished meal prep for the week
Watched Rock of Ages

9PM (ish)
Daily bible devotional stuff

In bed

SO what does this mean?
1- week 2 of the 14 week challenge is done before it started
2-week 1 of the 14 week challenge is 50% complete (hoping to finish it today)
3-Meal prep for the week is done

All in one roughly 8 hours, while doing other stuff.  Yes my husband helped, but how else can two people who work roughly 40-60 hours per week have a functioning household unless they also share household duties???

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