Monday, January 2, 2017

Advocare 2017 All-In Challenge

With the mindset of holding myself accountable I want to post regular updates about our 2017 Advocare goals.   
As is pretty much the norm in this household we are participating in the All-In 24 day challenge.  This year I have two friends who are joining us in the challenge and I'm really excited about the added accountability/responsibility that I will feel cheering these two through their challenges.  
I am taking a road trip to Cincinnati during the challenge but it is for an Advocare event so I think temptation will be limited.   

These are my goals for 2017:

1-tone up (AKA #absorababy2017) I told a friend that my health goal for 2017 was to get abs, or a baby, or both...She found it hilarious and told me that #absorababy should be my mantra for the year...and I kind of agree but given the limitation that I put on sharing our infertility journey on Facebook I'm going to pass on the actual hashtag...but it is my goal (because lets get real, how many women have 6 packs at 6 months pregnant....) 

2-help hubby reach his fitness goals

3-Help as many friends as possible reach their health goals...Reach out to at least 4 people per month/1 per week.

Wish me luck!!!

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