Monday, February 8, 2016

Theological Musings

I've recently been faced with some turmoil in my religious life.  There have been some changes made recently within the church hubby and I attend here and I have mixed feelings about them.  It isn't anything ground breaking, especially considering we attend a military church so having a regular transition in chaplains and chapel staff is the norm.  I'm just uncomfortable with a few things that have happened with the newest chaplain responsible for the services seems like he gives a lot of lip service.  On more than one occasion already he has said "we all have to compromise since we are dealing with a variety of faith traditions" then turn around and do things his way, this would be fine except some of his "compromises" feel to me more like he is forcing his beliefs on others and doing things that are blatantly against other traditions.
He hasn't done or said anything blasphemous or offensive, he is simply making me a little uncomfortable with some of his decisions.   This has called into question some of my own beliefs and I honestly believe his presence is being used by God to force me out of my comfort zone and to really do some deep soul searching.  
I apologize in advance if there are a lot of religious musings on this blog over the coming days/weeks/months.  I will probably be thinking "out loud" through this blog as is dive into what I really believe and what traditions I think are truly important to my faith.

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