Monday, February 22, 2016

Jesus loves the little children

What a whirlwind weekend.   On Friday night my friend Kim and I facilitated a retreat for the teenagers going through confirmation this year at her church.   I am always amazed when I work with teens by how intuitive and smart they really are once you get past all of the bull crap they throw at you and the walls and masks the put up around them.  I think the kids did a lot of growing up, had a lot of questions answered and  I hope will go into confirmation with their eyes open to what an important decision they are making.   I was truly honored to be trusted with these kids future and I think the positives far out weigh the negatives of taking time away from hubby and getting no where near enough sleep.  
I'm still slightly exhausted, it's true what they say you can't catch up on sleep, but am hoping that with the help of caffeine today will be a productive day.   Wish me luck!

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