Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Happiness Project

Have you read the book The Happiness Project?  I haven't but I fully intend to.  SpouseBuzz is hosting their own happiness project right now and my group just wrapped up our first meeting.  I'm so excited for the potential this project has to help me meet other amazing women and hopefully insert more happiness into my own life.
Apparently one of the ideas of the happiness project involves taking things one at a time.  So my first to-do item is to break cleaning my house down into sections and finishing each item individually, so dear blog is my breakdown of things I am going to take one at a time and hopefully get them all done by my deadlines so here it goes.  (Note we meet on Sundays but I work better with Saturday deadlines.)

My first few items/areas of the house are:
1-finish any half finished projects I have in the living room and/or put them away, & don't start any new projects until after homecoming-By October 16
2-get the clean laundry off of my bed folded & put away-By October 19
3-get the clean laundry I have kicked off the bed rewashed & put away-By October 23
4-find homes for the clutter in my living room-By October 26
(October 26 is my God Daughters 1-year birthday party at my house so I have to get this stuff done by then.)

Other items I want to accomplish by our next meeting:
5-Organize my sheet music/hymnals on shelf besides piano (November 2)
6-Organize kitchen cabinets (November 9)

Who knows what my one-item will be next month but I think getting these things taken care of (especially items 1-3) will go a long way towards making my mornings go smoother and life feel less chaotic and will help make me a little bit happier.  I will post pictures of my progress as I go, and promise to try (yes try, that's my loophole in case I fail) to do a better job of keeping you updated as I go.  I have lots of blog ideas floating around in my brain I just need to sit down and type them up.

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