Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happiness Project Progress report

So here are the goals I have set for the first month of my happiness project:

COMPLETE 1-finish any half finished projects I have in the living room and/or put them away, & don't start any new projects until after homecoming-By October 16

STARTED 2-get the clean laundry off of my bed folded & put away-By October 19

STARTED3-get the clean laundry I have kicked off the bed rewashed & put away-By October 23

4-find homes for the clutter in my living room-By October 26
(October 26 is my God Daughters 1-year birthday party at my house so I have to get this stuff done by then.)

5-Organize my sheet music/hymnals on shelf besides piano (November 2)

6-Organize kitchen cabinets (November 9) (I may have found someone I can pay who will do this for me. We just have to work out a time. She is going to organize my kitchen cabinets, Adams closet, and help me finish unpacking the 1,000,000 boxes of books I still have in the garage.)

So as you can see progress is being made and I am on my way to meeti my deadlines. Now just to keep up the momentum. 

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