Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sometimes the best plans are the ones that don't happen

I had a busy night planned for tonight. The local Panhellenic Alumnae board had a meeting tonight at 6:30 and as the VP I needed to be in attendance. So my plan was to come home, wash dishes while the dogs potty, go to the board meeting then come home and get some house work done. 
Pretty much the only thing that went according to plan was I did eventually make it to the meeting. 
I came home, started the dishes then got a text from hubby. So rather than finish the dishes I talked to him while the dogs ran around outside. 
Then I realized I was running late, threw on a hoody and ran out the door. Without my notebook...I ended up getting lost on my way to the meeting so I was not only 10 minutes late because of talking to Adam for so long but another 15 minutes late because I got lost and thought I knew better than my GPS (which it turns out I did I just turned one block too soon so instead of saving 5 minutes it took another 10 to get where I was going) 
Then after the meeting I realized I was very close to my friend Kim's house. And since today was Kim's birthday and she had had a hard day I decided she (we) needed wine and cupcakes. I stopped and grabbed the necessary supplies and headed to her house. 
Once I got there I had the most wonderful evening. We each had a glass of wine and just sat and talked for over an hour. It was so relaxing and just wonderful to hang out. I didn't get my cupcake though, her son is just too dang cute and hoodwinked me into promising it to him tomorrow if he comes home from school with a green bear (think a stoplight for behavior) so I guess ill just have to eat a chocolate chip cookie before I go to bed. :) 
Now I am home, completely relaxed and while the other housework didn't get done it can wait. I did finish my dishes at least. 
Good night world, hanging out with my friend was way more important than any cleaning I might have gotten done in the same 1 1/2 hours. 

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