Monday, October 21, 2013

Does Adam being in the Navy make me less happy?

Would you be happier without the military?
As many of you know I'm participating in "The Happiness Project" over at Spouse Buzz and so far I can honestly say I am making progress.  All of my craft projects have been completed and put away so I no longer have half-finished projects sitting around the floor to trip over and I changed my sheets last night so my bed is officially cleaned off, and I sleep a lot better without all the clean clothes piled up on hubby's side of the bed so I'm sure that will help make me happier :)  

Today Amy at Spouse Buzz posted a blog post that addresses a question we asked in our group discussion.  "would you be happier without the military", the majority of people in my group said yes which is reflective of the current responses to the poll on Spouse Buzz but for me, I was a dissenter in the group, I said no, and here's why:

Do I like being separated from my husband, no.  It sucks.  Who would like being separated from their best friend?  But I also realize that other jobs cause separation also and in this current moment in time I would be no happier without the military than I am with it.  This is different from saying that I am happier with Adam being in the Navy than I would be if he were not in the military at all.  There are positive and negatives to both and both would affect my happiness level.  I just think the net effect of the two would be zero.

Now ask me this again in six months when I'm yelling at Adam for leaving his socks on the floor again...then I might say we need more deployments to be happy :)

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