Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Late but I'm Here

I totally forgot to post my Boohoo and Hooyah last week :/ after giving Mrs. Monkey a hard time for thinking about stopping it...I'm a bad blogger...bad bad blogger so here it is!
My boohoo--After two weeks of not calorie counting I didn't lose any more weight
My Hooyah--After two weeks of not calorie counting I didn't gain any weight...

Was that a cop-out??? ok here's another set
Boohoo-I have to go to the dr today to be established as a patient with my new PCM, hopefully she will give me a referal to the Ob/Gyn I already have here since they take tri-care (thank god! one less new doctor!)
Hooyah-I am flying through the prep stuff for our audit at work.  I think I will be ready to go on Friday and the audit isn't until the 15th!!!


Sespi said...

Yay for being ahead of the game with work! I hope your PCM gives you the referral you want.

Mrs. Monkey said...

Hey thanks for linking up this week!

New doctors are always a drag, huh. Actually the reason I haven't switched over to TriCare yet. No one here takes it since I live no where near any military establishment.

Great job on your prep work. Being on top of things always feels good!