Monday, August 22, 2011

Four Days!

In my short time as a milspouse I have learned that countdowns are always looming...everyone is constantly counting down to something, days until the next deployment, days until this deployment is over, days until we PCS, days until we get out!  It seems like everyone has a ticker somewhere counting down.
A few days ago I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I really wanted last week to hurry up and be over with because I get to go visit Adam this week.  She asked me if I ever feel like I am wishing my life away by constantly counting down for the next event.  Since Adam enlisted I have counted down:
Days until he moved to Louisville temporarily
Days until he left for boot camp
Days until graduation
Days until A-School was over
Days until he went to Norfolk
Days until I could visit the first time
Days until I can visit this week
AND I am already counting
Days until the boat Christmas Party
Days until the boat leaves the shipyard
Days until the boat is deployable for humanitiarian efforts
Days until the boat is rumored to deploy
Days until Adam can strike for a rate
The list goes on and on.  Her question really got me thinking though. Am I really wishing my life away?  I don't think so.  If anything having these constant count downs has made me appreciate the days more.  Plus is it really any different from before he enlisted?  Then I was counting down days until the weekend, Christmas, trips to visit grandma, graduation, my birthday...Now I am just counting down different things. 

Needless to say my current counter is down to four days!  Thursday after work I get to head to Norfolk for a long weekend with my husband.  Yes he has to work but at least I get to spend every night with him and a couple of days full of sun, sand, and laughter. :)

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Briana Rose said...

I know how you feel! But life should be exciting and worth counting the days for! Have fun!