Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Such is my life!

My husband is at MEPS!!!! We are so excited! Right now it looks like he will be going to basic in early may which would work out really well for us.  I am going absolutly nuts!  He isn't the best at relaying information to me so I am sooo worried that he will leave out the one detail that I need to know when he tells me whatever he does about tomorrow. 

Currently my body is serving as a wrestling ring for the puppies.  I proudly support dog fighting, as long as their tails are wagging and no one is getting hurt...unfortunately today I got hurt!  Jersey decided she needed to swat at my face and there is now a giant scratch down my cheek, I hope it doesn't look too bad tomorrow at work!  Izzy and Jersey  have decided that if I am sitting on the floor it means I am a toy...I ALWAYS sit on the floor...their new decision has made it very hard for me to get anything done on the computer.  At to it Jersey's love of typing....um yeah...

So not much new is going on.  I plan to finish the 21 days to organized challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons tomorrow night, Adam will be back home on Thursday so then I will be back to being at his mercy relative to blog posting until he disappears to basic. 

Hope everyone is doing well.  I am still making my way through blogs from Wifey's Milspouse Friday Fill In and the organization challenge. I'm hopping to make her household planning binder tomorrow also--wish me luck!

Hugs and Kisses!

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Erica said...

So what is this household planning binder you speak of? I've been planning on making some sort of binder to hold receipts, instruction booklets, etc... but I'm interested in seeing what I might be missing! Fill me in! (And I want to see the rest of your organization challenge!)