Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hubby's Home!

Adam got home last night :)  amazingly enough my 200 lb husband takes up less room in our bed than the two dogs...I got a great nights sleep!

Hubby is officially in the Navy!   We have his orders to leave for RTC (basic training) and we are going to our apartment leasing office this afternoon to renew our lease, we've been putting it off because our complex offers a military discount if you are active duty when you sign :)

I am going to type up a couple of scheduled posts for the next two weeks.  My sorority big/one of my best friends/the reason Adam and I met is getting married in three weeks in Louisville, when Adam and I go back up for the wedding he will be staying until time to leave for RTC :(  so instead of the normal 6 weeks I get roughly 10 without my husband but we decided it will be good practice.

I will try to keep some non-scheduled posts going the next two weeks, but since Adam tends to steal the laptop alot...

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