Saturday, July 23, 2011

How not to spend your birthday...

Please note--this is not a reflection of my entire day only about 30 minutes of it but still, not how you want to spend your birthday.

I came to my mom's for my birthday, I was throwing myself a pity party about being alone on my bday etc and decided I needed to remove myself from the situation so I came to my moms house.  Now my mom lives on 86 acres out in the country...but her house is about 100 yards away from a major US Highway (not interstate, 2-lane highway) so we have always just let the dogs run outside.  In the 17 years my mom has lived here we have had two dogs (of the 7 who have lived here, one of which was a stray) hit by cars.  Izzy, Jersey, and Pete (mom's dog) have never shown any interest in going near the road.  Today Erica came to visit for my birthday and brought her dog Molly, who is a beagle/jack russell mix.  Molly and Izzy were outside and Pete and Jersey were inside when we heard a car horn.  Mom, Erica and I went outside thinking "oh no, the dogs!" but when we went outside we didn't see them anywhere, we were checking the road expecting to see dog-splatter but they weren't there so we started yelling for them.  about 10 seconds later a car slams on its breaks and we hear a thud.  My heart completly stopped when I saw Izzy roll out from under the car and come running to the house but Molly was no where to be seen.  All three of us immediatly thought "oh shit the first horn was Molly" and we kept yelling for Molly, Erica and I running towards the road, mom trying to get Izzy to come to her so that she could check and make sure Izzy was ok.  About 10 seconds later Molly comes running across the road (luckily there weren't any cars!) and the car that hit Izzy pulled into our drive.  I finally got Izzy to come to me and Erica got Molly and we were checking them for wounds and Izzy had a scraped up knee but was otherwise ok.  We told the people she was ok and thanked them for stopping and they went on their way.
When we came inside I realized that the scrape was bleeding pretty bad, she also had a small cut on her foot, a cut above her eye (I'm guessing the car's bumper hit her head and the rest was from the road?) and she has road rash on her butt under her tail (poor thing!) We got her cleaned up and the bleeding stopped, she is acting fine and is playing though not as rough as normally.  Needless to say I did not want to spend my birthday worrying about my dog's life!
I texted Adam and told him what happened and soon got the expected/obligatory "I'm glad she is ok but now have you learned your lesson about not having her on a leash" phone call (Jerkface!)

So moral of the story--Izzy is ok but sore and I will be having to watch her closely for the next few days until the cuts start to heal. 

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