Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday Shenanigans

So for my birthday my friend Erica came to my Mom's house and we went to a local Mexican resturant.  I love Mexican food just in case you didn't know. :)  A group of 17-19 year old girls came in and sat at the booth behind us.  My mom works for the school system and knows these girls, she later told us that they are 3.5-4.0 students...
These are actual quotes from their conversation...I fear for the future of our country...

Girl 1: I'm so glad you got back to America before the bombings in Norway!
Girl 2: I was no where near Norway
Girl 1: You were in Europe it's the same continent!

Girl 2: And if you wanted ketchup, like American ketchup, you had to ask for TOMATOE ketchup!
Girl 3: That's so wierd!
Girl 2: And they assumed you wanted stuff on your food, like fries, I would order fries and say I want tomatoe ketchup on my fries and they would put MAYO on them!
Girl 1: EWWW that's gross!
Girl 2: They put mayo on everything!

Girl 2:And they didn't put sauce on anything, like we had to eat steak without steak sauce! 
*in her defense she has probably never eaten a steak that wasn't burnt since she is from BFE KY so good steak is also a foreign concept to her

Girl 1: Ok, So when you got drunk...

Girl 2: I wrote out my will in case something happened in Europe, like a list of people that aren't allowed to come to my funeral...

Girl 2: and old men drink hard liquor at like 11:45 in the morning, it was some sort of Dutch Ale stuff...
*yes because ale = hard liquor...also in her defense, she has grown up in a dry county...probably thinks any beer that isn't light beer is hard liquor...

Girl 3: So was everyone skinny there?
Girl 2: Yes, it's not like the food is any different I think they just cooked it healthier.
Girl 2: and the guys were all so good looking but the girls, there weren't any cute girls anywhere!

Girl 2: The Mexican food gave me food poisoning

And I saved the best for last--Keep in mind we where in a MEXICAN resturant...
Girl 2: So you know how I've always said I want to live somewhere other than America
Girl 1: Yeah, are you going to move there?
Girl 2: No I'm staying here I like America way better
Girl 3: Even with all of the Mexicans???

Oh to be young again!  After about 5 minutes of them sitting behind me I looked at Erica and said this blog fodder is too good to miss out on I need an ink pen now!  Erica was like I have one, and a note book and dug them out of her purse :)

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