Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More recipes coming soon

My freezer meals seem to have attracted a lot of attention to this blog so starting in April I'm going to do my best to post 1 quick and easy healthy meal every Wednesday in much the same fashion...Think healthy Rachel Ray 30-minute meals only in blog form, and 99% clean & healthy.

A few notes before I post...
My definition of a healthy meal:
Proper serving size of Lean Protein
1-2 servings of Veggies
1 serving whole grain/minimally processed carbohydrates (optional)
Minimal sweeteners
Minimal additives and chemicals

I try to choose meats that are raised without hormones/unnecessary antibiotics and avoid chemicals that I cannot pronounce/don't know the origin of.  

Not everything I cook fits into these stipulations 100% (case in point the steak I ate yesterday)

I will post pictures when I can but as we've already established, I am not a food stylist by any stretch of the imagination and I forget to take pictures of food when I finish cooking before I start eating :)

I hope you all enjoy the recipes!

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