Sunday, July 14, 2013


Yep...that's the name of the game today.  Last night I watched my Goddaughter overnight (she is 9 months old!) and it was her first night away from mommy.  We actually had a pretty good night, She went to bed on time, woke up around 4, took her bottle then went back to sleep like a good little girl.  She woke up for the day around 7 and we got ready for church, it was great.

Today I was supposed to clean the house, why because in about 3 hours I will be going to pick up my 18 year old sister in law who is coming to spend a couple of weeks with me before she goes off to college.  I am so excited to see her but can't get myself off the couch to clean the house...This is a problem because the room she is supposed to sleep in is completely trashed...

Well guess I had better get to work...Maybe I'll find some motivation soon.

Oh and yesterday was the kids halfway party for hubby's ship...So excited to say we are past the 1/2 way mark, the adult party is still a few weeks away which I think is awesome because it makes the second half shorter than the first one :)

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