Friday, March 16, 2012

New job, new life

So I thought my loyal followers (if there are any of you left!) might like an update about my life. It has been a crazy first month in Norfolk but do far I am loving it. So here is what is going on in my world:

Teeny tiny apartment:
I think we will make it without killing each other, living in such a small space has made me the anal/clean/put everything away one. Though I have been so busy I haven't had time to clean. It has been stressing me out for over a week, just started bothering Adam last night (it being clean dishes not out away and a laundry basket of clean clothes that needs folded) so I will be making time tonight and we will be putting it away.

The Navy:
Adam has had 2 short underways so far neither really bothered me. This week he has had an "easy" week at work and beaten me home every day. Which has probably contributed to the laundry bothering me since they're mostly his clothes.

New Job:
I really like it. I am starting to catch on and I really like the people. A lot of the duties are similar to when I worked for Six Flags so I'm not having to completely learn stuff from scratch, mostly just concerned with learning systems etc. I know I'm nerdy but I really like GL accounting and since I'm working with debt and investments it's extra interesting.

Last week and this week sucked. Tons of work due and midterms but one of my midterms has been postponed so I'm finishing one tonight and have about 3 hours worth of work left on a project then I'm done for now. I'm on track to graduate Spring 2013 which is sooner than I thought I for some reason thought it was December 2013. Woo Hoo!

Social Life:
I have become pretty good friends with A, whose husband is on the same boat as our friend John from home. His wife Sarah, A & I have hung out a few times and I've watched A's daughters who I shall call Kat and Weenie (based on real nicknames-I'm not mean enough to just call a kid weenie for no reason, their real names start with the same letter so can't use initials!) a few times. Saturday there is a huge St Patricks day parade that runs near my house so we are going to all go watch the parade and have a picnic, I'm so excited!

Ok enough resting my eyes from excel. Back to work more later I promise!

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