Monday, March 19, 2012

I love my husband

Really, and this is just one of the 838836738367284839477492726281826294737 reasons why.
Last night I was talking about midterms and mentioned that I will be done with my MBA next spring, he said "so May 2013 you'll be done? Like really done? You're not going to decided to get your doctorate or something are you?". At first I was a little miffed, which he must have noticed :) I mean seriously?
I started my masters to further my career so he could eventually go back to school full time and not have to work (this was pre-navy and pre-Georgia) I stopped half way through to move to GA because we couldn't afford for me not to have a good job. Then he joined the Navy so I started my MBA back up through an online program. Now I'm in VA with him almost done doing it this way FOR HIM and he has the balls to make it should like me going to school is a bad thing???? I swallowed, took a deep breath, then said "well you know I like to learn do I might go bak again eventually but I want my CPA first and would probably wait until after we have kids maybe even after you are done with then navy so we are at home..."
He then goes into this super sweet speech about how he doesn't want us to both be in school at the same time but wanted to go ahead and look at his options for finishing his degree now so that I don't have to support us when he is out of the navy while he goes to school, even if he's in 20years he still wants to finish his degree so that our kids will understand that we both think education is important.
And yet again he turns what I took as an insult into a super sweet way of trying to take care of/protect me.

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