Monday, January 16, 2012


I have had a great few days. As a follow up to my whiney post the other day Debbie downer is gone and Dixie sunshine is back in place. I received a phone call Sunday and someone wanted to see the bug. Ended up selling it to a super cool young couple that wanted to hippie paint it to advertise their website selling custom art. How awesome is that!
Saw beauty and the beast in 3D it was amazing
Started packing the kitchen

Today I set my last work day (the 24) and helped my boss come up with a plan for keeping the ball rolling while they try to replace me
Pretty much finished packing the kitchen and living room
Took 3 bags of trash to the dumpster
Loaded 4 boxes of stuff in my suv for goodwill
Sent about 5 bags of frozen food home with my amazing friend who is helping me pack.
Had a congratulations cake at work because I work with some pretty awesome people.

Tomorrow I'm on my own so I think I'm Going to try and get at least 1/2 my bedroom knocked out. Wish me luck!
Wednesday laney is helping again we will probably work on the guest room closet.
Thursday a trailer hitch is being installed on my truck
Friday & Saturday finish the guest room with laneys help
Sunday finish the bedroom
Monday going away party at laneys apartment.
Tuesday last day of work & laundry
Wednesday pick up trailer and load everything
Thursday drive to KY
Friday license car in KY and drive to Norfolk
Saturday unload everything with hubby
Sunday hopefully spend day sleeping in and getting brunch with hubby (he may have duty)
Monday start new job!!!!!
Woo hoo I have a busy 2 weeks ahead of me but it sure is exciting!


Bethany said...

So excited to hear about all the new exciting adventures that await you in VA! :)

Erica said...

See, I told you I'd read it! You've updated 3 times since the last time I read your blog! Whoa!

So.. glad you sold the bug. Sad you sold the bug. Wish I could come help you move. :-( Glad you have someone else to help you pack up and move. Too bad I can't organize your kitchen from 10 hours away. Wish you were heading here when you come to KY- I can give you your back thing back! (I realize it's completely in the wrong direction from your mom's house, so I'll keep it in a safe place. As soon as I figure out where that is, I will tell you so you can remind me when I forget. :-) Sounds like a plan to me!)

I am so glad you will be back with Adam finally! Just wish you guys were here! Have Adam find me some cute sailor boy so I can come live on the beach with you! :-)

Erica said...

Dear Shanon,

How can I read your blog if you don't update it?

Your friend who hasn't updated her blog since August. :-)