Friday, June 10, 2011

BooHoo and HooYah

So a friend of mine posted this meme yesterday and I thought it was adorable and want to join in!  If you want more info go check out A Monkey In the Navy it's such a cute idea!  Basically it is a way to give a short vent and a short happy about your week!!

BooHoo--I miss my husband and feel bad since at this point I can't send him any letters :(
HooYah--I am running the mutt strut 5k this weekend with my great friend Sespi at And You never Did Think
to help raise money for Faith to get a service dog have you donated yet?  If not go check out Raise the Woof!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Mrs. Monkey said...

Hey there! Thanks for linking up!

Hope you have fun at the mutt strut this weekend. That sounds like great fun!
Good luck in your fundraiser, I donated $10 to your cause.