Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm finally caught up!

Well on my blogs at least, I have officially read every last one.  I apologize for my lack of commenting, I've had over 200 entries for the past 2 weeks and have been reading 20-50 per night. 

Last night I planted a bunch of plants, now I need to clean off our back patio and that will be done

My apartment is a disaster zone though, it looks like a twister has hit.  My plan is as follows:
1 hour every night spent studying for the GMAT
1 hour every night spent at the Dog Park
30 minutes every-other day training for my 5K next month, the time on the other days will be spent doing all of my extra cleaning that is needed.

I take the GMAT on April 22.  (Good Friday) on Easter I am going to try and have some friends over for dinner.  In Louisville I started cooking Easter dinner for my friends Junior Year and even last year (I moved to GA on Easter Sunday) we did it a week early so I was a little sad it wouldn't happen this year.  My apartment is going to be completely cleaned up by Friday, I'm going to use Saturday to do the real cleaning stuff that I normally do on weekends anyway (vacuum, clean the bathrooms, etc)  Wish Me Luck!  I'm gonna need it.

Now for a whiney moment...
I still haven't heard from Adam and while I know no-news is good-news and that it has only been just over 2 weeks but this weekend has been really tough.  I miss my husband, my best friend, sooooo much, I really just want a short letter or something so that I can feel like he is with me.  My friend Laney has done a great job of helping keep my mind off of him being gone, today she said we pretend hes just at the grocery store for a few hours, which is pretty much the truth.  But I have another friend who brings it up CONSTANTLY and I know she means well and is trying to be supportive but it seems like she always brings it up when I'm not thinking about him.  Then of course I start thinking about him.  I know she has good intentions but it hurts.  Is there a nice way to tell her to stop?

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