Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hi blog land I just realized I has been over a month without a post and for that I completly apologize! So here are the highlights and i promise details later (please forgive typos I'm doing this from my phone!)
--Adam is now in Georgia with me. He was told by his recruiter that his age waiver would probably be declined at this point for nuclear engineering so he has put all things Navy on undefinete hold and has started lookin for a career type job here. He might even go back to school. At any rate he missed me like crZy the two months we were apart and isn't sure about planning our lives around 6 month deployments. He is going to go back to waiting tables probably next week because we can't live on just my income if only the house would sell then we would be set!
--I love my job. But i'm going to have to remember that there are 30+ women in the building and for a large percentage this is their first real job. I had seen a lot of the silly drama but this week got to experience it first hand for the first time. God girls are stupid!
--Izzy caught fleas from my moms dog last weekend. $40 later we think they are gone but she is still scratching the bites poor thing! I'm hoping mom will send me a check for the $40 because this is kind of the worst time it could have happend.
So that's the highlights hope all of you are well and even though i havnt been commenting I have been reading your blogs i promise!

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