Monday, May 3, 2010

Prize Winners! and my 99th post...

--Since this is my 99th post that means my next post will be my 100th.  SOOOO I need all of you to ask me questions to answer so that I will have something semi interesting to talk about! :)

NOW--Without further ado the custom spa basket winner choosing by Izzy :)

Let me start by saying it is a bit more complex to get a 3 year old dog to pick a prize winner than I anticipated.  But here is how it went.  (Please pardon photo quality, these were all taken on my IPhone with very poor lighting!)

First I got together eight index cards and a pretty sharpie marker (because there were only eight entries) :)

Then I wrote each entrants name on one index card for each entry
Then I arranged them so there was equal chance of Izzy picking each one.

Then I set Izzy loose to choose a winner.  She didn't seem to interested at first...
Then she wanted to play...
So I tried to trick her by wadding the choices up in balls thinking she would play with one.

But Izzy said RARRRRR I don't want your silly paper balls!!!
SO I tried hiding her rawhide in the middle of the pile.
It worked!  She picked one of the things in the pile...
And the Winner is!!!!
The Rawhide bone.  But  I didn't think it was fair to put together a spa basket for the rawhide bone since it didn't even care to enter the drawing.

So I piled the entries up in a mound again.
Closed my eyes and picked a winner myself.
And I say the winner is

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!  you can send me a direct message on Twitter (or respond to the one I will be sending you as soon as this posts!) and we can work out the details.

Oh and Izzy says congratulations too

But she still says the rawhide shes currently chewing on should have won.

Thanks to everyone else for playing along Bethany and Erica

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Heather said...

Yippee!! Thanks! And thanks to Izzy, too. :) She's cute. I just emailed you!