Saturday, January 24, 2015

Life is boring

Nothing overly exciting is currently happening in my life.  I apologize to those of you who actually attempt to read about my life.   In February we bought a new house and I was extremely excited about keeping everyone updated about our progress renovating etc, but life happened as it tends to do and threw a curve ball.  

In March I found out I was pregnant.   I was super excited but at the same time nervous about sharing the news since we had had some issues in the past and I know the statistics about 1st trimester miscarriage etc.  so I avoided posting blog updates.   Then as if I jinxed myself by being discrete I had a miscarriage in May.

The miscarriage was one of the hardest things I have gone through in my life and many of my close IRL friends still don't know about it.   (in fact, it's possible that one or two might find out through this blog post assuming they still have my blog on their blog feed since google reader was killed...oops!)

However I have decided that while I"m not going to make a banner to wear around that screams "I had a miscarriage" I recently read an article that made me realize I also shouldn't be hiding in the shadows.   I am amazed by the number of women I know who are dealing with infertility.   I am even more amazed by the number of close friends I have discovered have dealt with miscarriages at various points in pregnancy and chemical pregnancy.

Recently I went to the doctor to follow up on my issues and new blood work was ordered, we discovered that my Thyroid levels are at the high boundary of what is considered normal which may be connected to my problems so the doctor put  me on a very low dose of Thyroid medication to help balance out my body in hopes that when I get pregnant again we won't have the same heartbreaking results.  We also ran some other tests/ultrasounds/etc. and I have an appointment soon to make sure that every thing else looked ok.   From there we will decide what to do next but I have a feeling it will be just staying the course and seeing what happens for a few months before we take any other measures assuming everything looked ok.

Outside of my reproductive organs, I am still working on my CPA license.  I hope to pass the last part of the exam in February so if everyone can send me good juju and study power that would be wonderful.

Hubby has gone back to school as of two weeks ago and is doing well in his classes.   He is taking an online accounting class and thought I would be able to help him.   OMG the way they are teaching journal entries and T accounts is so convulated I just confuse him when I try to help!   Sadly I think he might be on his own for this one!   Good thing he's smart.  

I'll try to do a better job of updating in the future.

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