Monday, February 17, 2014

Closer to God

I've decided this week to try something new.  I am going to spend 15-30 minutes per day in bible study.  I normally read a daily devotional and that is great but I'm really bad at sticking to a real bible study so I've decided to take a new approach.  I am looking at this study as more of a research project than anything else.  I'm starting with Genesis 1 and going to (hopefully) work my way through every story in the bible, one story at a time, over the next few years...yes I realize this approach is going to take YEARS, however I think I will come out of it more grounded in my faith and with a better understanding of God's word outside of the Sunday school answers.  I know tons about theology, and more than most people about particular parts of the Bible but I'm realizing as I grow older that there are a lot of holes in my knowledge and I really want to fill those holes in.
My plan is to read a bible story on Sunday.  On Monday I will re-read the story and research the context in which the story falls, who is the story about, who are they talking to, who wrote the story when etc.  Tuesday-Friday I am going to focus on investigating the true meaning of the story, how it is applicable today and how it was applicable in biblical times and on Saturday I will read the story again.  I figure if I keep notes as I go I will easily be able to flip back through my notes and hopefully be able to draw my own sort of diagram to put the pieces of the puzzle together for myself.  There are 66 books in the bible but there is no real count as to the number of stories.  Since I've decided to take a story approach I have no clue how long this is going to take but I think it is a good practice and it will make be a better person and a stronger Christian.  I am sure there will be stories that require more research and other stories that require less so I may find myself spending 1 day on the application of one story and 1 week on another but I think having the basic layout of one story per week to begin with will help give me focus and structure to get into the habit.  Besides--I'm starting at the beginning, I"m sure there is more than enough meat in Genesis to fill a week of study with each story!!!

Oh and...I will read the begats...all of them....every, single, word...
Wish me luck!

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