Monday, July 2, 2012

Jolly Box

By now I am sure you have all heard about Jolly Box but I was given the opportunity to review the first delivery in the form of a care package for my husband (right before his super-long, 3 whole day, underway/sarcasm) and wanted to give everyone my opinion.  I was not paid for this review, but JollyBox did provide me with a code for a discounted box to check out.  I didn't want to endorse something that I wasn't sure was legit.  So here is what I think!
The box arrived right on time, and the contents were definitely worth $30, especially considering that it includes shipping & during deployments they take care of the customs forms. 

When I got home Adam had already tore into the package but I got a few pictures before he ate anything at least. :)
I decided to select the "healthy options" package since it was coming in right before Adam's PFA.  I was impressed with some of the items included. 
The package contained a Mojo bar, and a bag of whole cashews, (which are his favorite)
2 sticks of beef jerky, a giant bag of sunflower seeds, one 5-hour energy, and one Eternal Energy drink  
But it also contained some not-so healthy stuff which kind of surprised me (not all pictured because like I said, he already dove into the package when I got home.) Two small bags of chips and a box of skittles
Even tho I was surprised to see the chips and candy overall I think it was a great package.  Adam was happy and healthy people still like treats like skittles and Doritos from time to time.  I don't think I'll purchase one of their monthly subscriptions when Adam deploys but I will probably order him one from time to time if I know getting a package out to him will be hard one month or he is going to have to go extra long without port visits. 

What Adam Thought:
Adam thought it was great.  He had a friend with him when he got home and opened it.  They both thought it was the best thing every to have all of those yummy snacks delivered to them.  They also seemed to get a kick out of the JollyBox sticker that was on the label and had fun sticking the few in the box on people at work.
Granted I could accomplish the same thing but this took me no time and I'm fairly certain after postage etc. it would have cost me just as much to send the exact same stuff. 

From the company:
With JollyBox, we send a care package every month filled with fun (and sometimes practical!) products to help them get by. It's a super easy way for you to help them out from afar.

Want to check out JollyBox for your own special service member or college student?  Check out and use the code FIRST10 to save $10 off of your first order.


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