Sunday, December 12, 2010

Migraines suck...

So I'm braking the cardinal rule of having a migraine--looking at my phone screen and watching tv. It has been roughly 27 hours since this stupid migraine hit and I'm going nutso--excedrine has worked on the throbbing but I'm still nauseous and slightly dizzy. My head still hurts and the lights aren't bothering me as long as they aren't super bright. My skin hurts--is that normal? I've never had a migraine last more than a couple of hours and I must admit this SUCKS. I'm debating calling my boss and telling her I'm not setting an alarm in the am. I've been trying to drink plenty of H2O and Orange Juice since that's what most websites recommend but constantly having to get up to pee has been a real pain the the butt. I've taken 2 naps today, given the puppies baths by candlelight, made/froze the pioneer Womans cinnamon rolls and washed Adams work clothes am our sheets :). Adam gets to make the bed I'm tapped out--but I'm really bored!!

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