Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentines Day Swap

I'm starting to wonder if my valentines day swap partner is getting my emails, so I'm going to post an entry about it in hopes that she will email me!  If I want to get her what I am planning on I need to know that there are no allergies in the house before Friday because the store I want to get it from is closed on Sunday and I will be out of town on Saturday....So Valentines Day Swap partner hurry up and respond to my emails!!!!

In other news work this week has sucked.  I might go buy myself a few pounds of candy tonight and eat them all!!! 


AF Recruiters Wife said...

I swear I e-mailed you back on the 30th! :) Check your email again, or maybe there is a problem with mine sending it... but no, no issues with any type of food, and yours was put in the mail on Tuesday!

AF Recruiters Wife said...

Left you an award on my blog!

AF Recruiters Wife said...

Ok... I forwared everything to my personal account, then re-emailed it to you... maybe check your spam folder, because when I forwared it to my account, that's where it went!

Nuclear Wife said...

I may have deleated it. I emptied my spam folder before I got your comment this morning :(
I'm going to email you from another email address try it next I guess?