Monday, February 1, 2010

Abbreviated weight loss update

I'm in the sauna at the gym right now and feel amazing. I wish I could just spend the night in a sauna I would sleep spool well. I think it has more to do with the being able to breath than the heat though.
January review:
I lost 5 pounds technically but last week while I was being a lazy bum with a banged up knee I gained back 2 of them (I might have eaten a bunch of crap last week too) for a net loss of 3 pounds. I also lost 1/2 an inch around my waist so go me. To meet my final goal by my birthday I need to lose 5-6 pounds pee month from now until the end of July. Totally doable if it stick with it so I'm excited.
Hubbys weight loss endavors are going a bit better than mine. He went to the recruiter on Friday and has made the 25% body fat needed to enter DEP the problem is that the navy reevaluate their requirements given their current need and have lowered (raised?) DEP standards to the same 22% needed for boot camp so we are planning on hitting 22% by feburary 26 because we both had already planned to take the day off of work to go to Indianapolis for a movie premier about the Pacers tha ESPN is putting on. It sounds like a lot of fun so I'm. Excited and if we can celebrate getting paperwork signed that day as well all the better!

Well I'm takin back tha sauna sleep thing I'm sweating something horrid so I'm going to post this and hit the showers!

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