Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

I know they are stupid, we all know they are stupid however that doesn’t stop us from making them.   Here are my resolutions for 2016:
  1. Continue making healthy choices with a goal of reaching a healthy BMI/BF% by June (unless pregnant)
  2. Sell house in Louisville
  3. Payoff debt-specifically:
0% financing for mattress $1,000
0% financing for furniture $2,000
0% home improvement loan $1,500
American Express Credit Card $4,000
Kroger Credit Card $1,500
HSBC Credit Card $1,500(note this was used for Holiday Travel/Gifts, scheduled to pay off by end of February)
Total to pay-off $11,500 + regular payments on other debt
  1. Focus on using AdvoCare to help friends and family make healthy choices with us.  
    1. Goal of having 12 people take the 24 day challenge and at least 6 continue making healthy choices throughout 2016. 
    2. Provide proper motivation and coaching for those who try AdvoCare because of us.

  1. Finish bathroom renovation
  2. Unpack boxes in storage and get rid of everything we don’t need
  3. Run Wicked 10K in October
  4. Meal plan and stick to plan weekly
  5. Follow net-zero budget to penny
  6. Read 52 books, at least 20 of which are actual books not audio books.
So what are your stupid New Years resolutions?  

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