Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And a partridge in a pear tree

This weekend was Adams command Christmas party and we had a really nice time. We failed however to take a single picture. I plan on Facebook stalking some of the people I met in hopes that they have one or two I can steal :)
Overall it was a very fun night. We had a great dinner and I finally got to put some faces with names. I cannot wait until I get moved to Norfolk and can be with him and hopefully make friends with some of the wives. One of the wives in particular is super sweet. Adam and I went to dinner with her & her husband one other time when I was in town I hope we are able to do the double date thing often once I am there.
Adam told me today that a female sailor in his department who he doesn't know very well and didn't even see at the party came up to him today and said "Your wife in gorgeous!" I think she had me confused with someone else at the party but she apparently also commented on my dress specifically enough that it had to be me. It always feels good to hear compliments like that especially when they are 110% unsolicited!

I had an interview on Thursday before the party and I left feeling really good about the interview and the company but knew it wasn't my dream job but I could do it well and wouldn't hate it. I received an email today that they chose a different candidate for the job :( BUT apparently they were impressed by me and liked me because the person I interviewed with wants to schedule a time to discuss some positions that will be coming open in the near future that he believes my experience will be a great fit for! Talk about two huge ego boosts in one day!!!
I think that is it for my major updates. I will try to be a less sucky blogger.
I will update later this week about my MilSpouse Secret Santa gift. I received my present and it is perfect but want to wait on my person to get her gift before I blog about it just in case.


Fox Family said...

I GOT IT I GOT IT!! Thank you so much. I blogged about it, and it's right around the middle of the long post!

I am so glad that you enjoyed your Christmas party! You are really good with timing that makes me feel better! (if you read my super long post you will understand this statement!)

Good luck with the job hunt! How exciting!

Thank you so much again. It is perfect, and super clever!

Sespi said...

Boo for not getting that job, but that's awesome that they want to talk to you about other possibilities!